How to Drop a Table in postgress
Drop table command in postgress are exapmle of differnet table
the best thing u can do while creating any table in postgress run drop table command to make sure if any hting like that exist before should gone off straight way
Drop table cdvdtab;
Drop table booktab;
Drop table loantab;
Drop table itemtab;
Drop table copytab;
Drop table custab;
Free MCAD / MCSD Example Preparation:

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MCSD 70-305/70-316: Example1:What are the rules for a Well-formed XML document? (Choose 2 answers)

1) The document must have only 1 top-level element.
2) The document could have any number of top-level elements.
3) Each element must have a start tag.
4) Each element must have an end tag.
5) The document must have 2 top-level elements, one for the header and one for the body
6) Each element must have a start tag and an end tag.

MCSD 70-305/70-316: Example2: (Choose True or False)
Each Satellite assembly file (src) containt resources or data for a simple culture.

MCSD 70-305/70-316: Example3: (Choose True or False)
An application can have more than one Satellite.

MCSD 70-305/70-316: Example4: (Choose one)
Your application need the dynamic creation of a custom server text control. If you want to change the font name of the control, which property name should you use?1)Font_Name

MCSD 70-305/70-316: Example5: (Choose True or False)
A rule to define an attribute is that it must begin with a letter or (&).

MCSD 70-305/70-316: Example6: (Choose one)
Internet applications are stalles: Why are stateless objects used to build an application?, because it improves:1) Usability
2) extensibility
3) security
4) usability and scalability
5) usability and security
6) scalability

MCSD 70-305/70-316: Example7: (Choose one)
Duncan is creating an application for his department. He needs to read xml files provider by theaccounting department. He needs to populated a dataset with the xml information. Which of the following senteces is usedto read XML schema and data into a Dataset?

1) Read
2) ReadXmlFile
3) ExecuteXmlReader
4) ExecuteXml
5) ReadXml
6) LoadXml

MCSD 70-305/70-316: Example8: (Choose one)
Paul is working with an application that requires the use of 2 dataset objects namedmyDataset1 and myDataset2. They both have similar structure. He wants to merger myDataset2 with my Dataset1, without preserving the changes made to myDataset1. Which is of the following expresion can Paul use?

1) myDataset2.Merge(myDataset1,NULL)
2) myDataset2.Merge(myDataset1)
3) myDataset2.Merge(myDataset1,True)
5) myDataset1.Merge(myDataset2,NULL)
6) myDataset1.Merge(myDataset2,True)

MCSD 70-305/70-316: Example9: (Choose one)
Duncan want to check how response are cached on the server. Which of the following properties and methods of the Pageobject should he be using to check it?1) Trace
2) Session
3) CacheControl
4) Cache
5) Controls
6) ViewState

MCSD 70-305/70-316: Example10: (Choose one)
Which of the following code segments forces a transaction to commict automatically after a sucessful completion?
1) ContextUtil.AutoCommit = true

3) ContextUtil.AutoComplete()
4) ContextUtil.EnableCommit()


Correct Answers
MCSD 70-305/70-316 Answer 1:
1 and 6

MCSD 70-305/70-316: Answer 2:

MCSD 70-305/70-316: Answer 3:

MCSD 70-305/70-316: Answer 4:

MCSD 70-305/70-316: Answer 5:

MCSD 70-305/70-316: Answer 6:

MCSD 70-305/70-316: Answer 7:

MCSD 70-305/70-316: Answer 8:

MCSD 70-305/70-316: Answer 9:

MCSD 70-305/70-316: Answer 10:
MCAD Certification

What kind of questions they can ask me in the exam 70-305. Where can I get examples for MCAD
What is MCAD Certification?

Microsoft Certificed Application Developer ( MCAD ) is one of the most popular and useful microsoft certification. MCAD is composed for several tests that allow to check your skill in Visual Studio 2003 .net, SQL Server and Web Services.

MCAD Tests

In order to get a MCAD certification you must pass 3 core exam and 1 elective exam. You can choose if you want to use C# or Visual Basic. But sicerelly it is not matter which language did you decide to use. It is not a programming language exam, so do not get scare about it. When I did my MCAD certification I did it using Visual, because I though my skills in Visual Basic was better than my skills in C#. However, now i am sure the the programming language is not the focus of this exam.

But if you asked for my advice, I will say if I would have to take my MCAD certification I will be oding it in C#, Why? well just have a look to the market, after I got my MCAD certfication I got a really good job, but during my investigations and searching for job I found out that 80% of companies are looking for C# skills, I was lucky but maybe you will not, so take my advices and do your MCAD certification in C#. Anyway, there are not too many differents between these two languages, In my new job I am doing C# and it is pretty easy, so any doubt do not hesitate to post your question and I will help you.

3 Core Tests

C# or Visual Basic, well I think I was enough clear above about what I think, if you did not read the previos topic, do it in C#.

The first core test for MCAD certification
  • 70-305 ( Visual Basic ) or 70-315 ( C# )

The second core test for MCAD certification

  • 70-306 ( Visual Basic ) or 70-316 ( C# )

The third core test for MCAD certification

  • 70-310 (Visual Basic) or 70-320 (C#)